[IPython-dev] IPython 0.9.1 and sys.stdin

Nicolas Rougier Nicolas.Rougier@loria...
Mon Apr 6 09:10:04 CDT 2009


I've question regarding stdin ipython handling. If I try to run  
interactively the following script:

import sys
#import IPython

class TerminalIn:
     def __init__(self):  pass
     def close(self):     pass
     flush = close
     def isatty(self):    return True
     def read(self, a):   return self.readline()
     def readline(self):  return '"q"'
     def readlines(self): return []
     def write(self, s):  return None
     def writelines(self, l): return None

sys.stdin = TerminalIn()

and then type 'help()' in the console, depending on the IPython  
import, I get different results. If I do not include IPython, the help  
exists immediately (as expected) while if I import IPython, the help  
does not exit immediately, making me think that IPython is changing  
something without any kind of warning.


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