[IPython-dev] Using argparse for %magics

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Apr 7 13:11:53 CDT 2009

On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 1:50 AM, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have updated my personal collection of %magics today:
>   http://www.enthought.com/~rkern/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi/kernmagic
> Not all of them are aimed at inclusion into IPython proper, but I think most of
> them would be useful as Extensions, at least. Here are all of the collected
> docstrings:
> http://www.enthought.com/~rkern/cgi-bin/hgwebdir.cgi/kernmagic/raw-file/tip/help.txt
> The recently added magics are
>   %push_err/%pop_err for controlling numpy's error handling options via a
> stack. These complement %push_print/%pop_print, which control numpy's printing
> options the same way.
>   %print_methods (optional alias %pm) for printing the methods of an object,
> grouped by the defining class.
>   %print_traits (optional alias %pt) for printing the traits of a HasTraits
> object, grouped by the defining class. Crazy-useful.
> One thing you might want to consider for IPython proper is the mini-framework I
> use for parsing the arguments. I made some decorators which use argparse (now in
> IPython.externals, amen) to build parsers for those magics that take CLI-style
> --options. It's nicely declarative and makes the option parsing and help text
> style uniform across all of the magics. We've discussed having a standard for
> all of the --option-taking %magics that come with IPython, and I put this
> forward as an improvement over the current manual getopt code.

Just an initial reply before we dive into this, since I'm going
semi-offline for a couple of days.

+1 to argparse for this, as long as we carry it (not as a separate
dependency).  I've been thinking about cleaning up the magics as part
of the core reorg Brian will work on soon, and this would fit nicely
into that idea.



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