[IPython-dev] Tag and branch 0.10 soon?

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Apr 15 03:36:43 CDT 2009

Hi all,

it's easier to work off of trunk, but Brian does have a window of time
right now to hack on trunk harder in terms of aggressive
reorganization.  I just went ahead and made an 0.10 series:


that has a release milestone as well:


This lets us target bug reports

Here's the code pending to be merged:



1. we tag/branch 0.10 pretty much now and those pending reviews get
retargeted for the branch.

2. tag now, but keep the reviews for trunk.

3. other ideas?

My main worry with #2 is Brian's chance to do full-on reorg work, that
I'd prefer to avoid delaying much further.  But if the remaining
merges are done in a branch and a massive amount of moving around is
done, they will be effectively lost since it won't be easy to apply
them into a very restructured trunk.

Some of the pending stuff is pretty easy, so if people have a little
bit of time, we could probably merge most of this in a couple of days.
 We can then get 0.10 out the door, with minimal/no loss of work for
the reorganization.  Then we could all provide feedback on the reorg
work (I'm unlikely to do any actual major work on it, but hope to
provide feedback)



ps - I also made 0.11 series/milestones:


as a placeholder.  I'm thinking we might end up calling this 0.50 or
something larger to indicate the api breaks and an actual move to 1.0
status though, so this should be for now considered temporary.  We'll
see in a few days when 0.10 is out...

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