[IPython-dev] Testing headaches

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson@bostream...
Thu Apr 16 11:43:13 CDT 2009

Brian Granger skrev:
> * Both Ville and Jorgen have seens really odd things in the last few days.
> * I am seeing a nasty memory leak that is intermittent on OS X.
> * Twisted and nose are somehow very unhappy with each other.
> * Sometimes tests rely on dependencies (wx, twisted, etc.).  Those
> tests get run on systems that don't have the deps and they fail with
> ImportError.  I have tried to add code that tests for dependencies,
> but these keep creeping in.  The problem with this is that the person
> who finds the problem is not the person who wrote the code or tests.
A related issue is the problems with architecture and python version 
dependent bugs.


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