[IPython-dev] quick way to reset & run a program

Allen Fowler allen.fowler@yahoo....
Tue Mar 3 09:44:49 CST 2009

> > Basically I'm looking for a quicker way to execute: "%reset, confirm [yes], 
> > %run". ( With optionally clearing the cached output history. )
> Not out of the box, but writing a little magic to do this is and
> installing it in your home dir is pretty easy.  Unfortunatley you
> can't quite just make your magic do 'reset -y, run' because %reset
> asks unconditionally.  But %reset is small enough (see magic_reset in
> Magic.py) that you can simply copy its contents into your own personal
> %rrun and then have that call %run.  Let us know if you have any
> problems with this and need further help.

Is there a "user/profile specific" Magic.py file to edit, or do I have to edit the system-wide version?


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