[IPython-dev] "__builtins__.True = False" causes weird behaviours

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Sun Nov 8 15:26:02 CST 2009

> Good morning :)
> How do you fix these in the trunk? Raising an exception if a user enters
> any of the forbidden assignments ?
I didn't!  It was random chance that it got fixed.  I have been doing a lot
of work on the trunk this summer and one of the big things I did was
completely refactor the threaded shells (-pylab).   My guess is that that
code relied on True not being False and didn't handle the failure properly.
But, all that code is gone now...

> Fortunately not many out who has the obsession of defining True as False.
> Somewhat I connect this to Wittgenstein's belief that "There are no
> philosophical questions, but only language puzzles."

Yes, this is the type of thing that Java geeks would laugh at.


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