[IPython-dev] Status of ipy_pretty and ipy_traits_completer?

Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Thu Oct 8 15:42:33 CDT 2009


I agree it would be useful to have a README in those directories, but I
wasn't entirely

>From the "changes/whatsnew" docs:

* :mod:`Extensions` has been moved to :mod:`extensions` and all existing
  extensions have been moved to either :mod:`IPython.quarantine` or
  :mod:`IPython.deathrow`. :mod:`IPython.quarantine` contains modules that
  plan on keeping but that need to be updated. :mod:`IPython.deathrow`
  contains modules that are either dead or that should be maintained as
  party libraries. More details about this can be found :ref:`here

>From module_reorg:

* :mod:`IPython.deathrow`. This is for code that is outdated, untested,
  rotting, or that belongs in a separate third party project. Eventually all
  this code will either i) be revived by someone willing to maintain it with
  tests and docs and re-included into IPython or 2) be removed from IPython
  proper, but put into a separate third-party Python package. No new code
  be allowed here.

* :mod:`IPython.quarantine`. This is for code that doesn't meet IPython's
  standards, but that we plan on keeping. To be moved out of this
  a module needs to have approval of the core IPython developers, tests and

Based on this, I would say the following:

* ipy_pretty should be cleaned up, ported to the new extension API and put
back into extensions.

* ipy_traits_completer should be cleaned up, ported to the new extension API
shipped with traits itself.  The new extension API supports loading
from any module in sys.path (it just imports them).



On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 11:58 AM, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:

> Why are they in quarantine/ and deathrow/, respectively? There are several
> reasons one could be in either one. There should be a comment or a README
> that
> explains why they were placed there so contributors know what to do to
> remedy
> the situation or users prepare for the module's removal.
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