[IPython-dev] How to handle extensions

David Warde-Farley dwf@cs.toronto....
Thu Oct 15 09:19:42 CDT 2009

(originally sent to Robert, argh! was expecting munged reply-to header)

On 13-Oct-09, at 11:26 AM, Robert Kern wrote:
> I would really hope that packages wouldn't do that. Even if I have  
> the package,
> I may not want their extensions.

+1. Two things:

a) I might not have any use for their package interactively, in which  
case it has the potential to slow down IPython for me if it's always  
loading them (less of a problem if they're only loaded on import from  
the interactive prompt).
b) Even if I do use their package interactively, their extensions may  
not fit my brain.


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