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Brian Granger ellisonbg.net@gmail....
Mon Sep 28 17:01:06 CDT 2009


I just merged all of my work from this summer into trunk.  This represents a
massive number of
changes to the IPython core.  Here are some highlights:

* Completely new config system and files.
* New extension API.
* No more ipmaker, shell.py, threaded shells, or ipapi.
* Component, Traitlets, Application = new foundation for moving forward
* IPython still works!  I tried *extremely* hard to make sure that as I
refactored things
  the user's experience would not change.  And considering the number of
  that have taken place, I think I was successful.
* BUT, I am sure there are many things that are broken.  Somethings that I
know are
  broken:  all extensions, the GUIs in frontend and gui.  There will be many
  things as well.
* Refactored prefilter system.
* Robust GUI support through PyOS_Inputhook (See the new %gui magic).
* Documentation updates.
For more information, check out the What's new section of the documentation
the source at:


There is also a nice description of the new config system in:


We will get these things up on the IPython website soon for folks to look

If you an IPython developer, the main thing to look at is the Component
and how we are using it in InteractiveShell, PrefilterManager and
Our goal is to make *everything* in IPython a component.  This is the main
abstraction for making IPython more testable, more hackable and more loosely


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