[IPython-dev] GSoC applicants: patch and blog required

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Apr 12 15:21:38 CDT 2010

Hi folks,

this is mostly for the gsoc applicants, but I want to make sure that
soc communications are, within reason, always managed on the dev list
(if nothing else, it serves as a record for future years of the

Please note a few important points from the application page:


Specifically, it says

Even if you haven't worked on anything before this, please engage with
the project you're proposing to work on and submitting some kind of
patch (minor code patch, documentation patch, etc.) showing that you
can work through the technical issues necessary to contribute.
Applicants that do this will be prioritized over those that don't.

Since the gsoc proposals are actually pieces of the development plan
for IPython, you can fulfill this requirement by submitting a branch
for merge review that has your proposal as a development document.  I
would suggest that you make a different document each (so you don't
step on each other with version control), in the development section
of the documentation. Make sure the docs build in html and pdf before
submitting the branch for review.

Note that if you don't do this *soon*, there's a very good chance your
application will not get a good score in the final evaluation process,
as all applicants are expected to have submitted some small
contribution to their project.  You already have written up most of
it, so it should be just a matter of creating it as a doc in the
sphinx tree and making sure things build, we'll review it by simply
branching from you, doing

make html && make pdf

in the docs directory and ensuring the resulting document contains the
full proposal. Feedback will be done as a regular branch review on

Also note that the page says:

- include a blog URL

So please do get a blog started up for this.

This page has the rest of the expectations from the Python software
foundation for students, so give it a good read because if your
proposal is accepted, this is the standard you'll have to meet (in
addition to producing good code):




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