[IPython-dev] Upgrading the bzr repo at LP?

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Apr 14 13:37:04 CDT 2010

Hi all,

after my fight with lp yesterday, it became clear that the only
reasonable way to manage the merges from the remaining branches that
are in flight (especially those in ~ipython-contrib) is to upgrade the
lp:ipython main repo.  The reason is that otherwise it's impossible to
merge from ~ipython-contrib and push back to trunk: the contrib repo
is version 2a and trunk is 0.92, and one can only push to a 0.92 from
a 0.92 repo, but one can't pull from a 2a into a 0.92 one (even

So even as we move out of LP, it's inevitable that we upgrade the
repo.  You had all OK'd the move back in February (when I had to stop
because it was taking too long and I was traveling), so I'm going to
push the process now.

The only consequence of this is that you will need to then go to your
locally housed repos at home and do

bzr upgrade --2a

before you can push again.

I'm starting the upgrade on LP now from a machine with a solid and
persistent connection (as they recommend) I'll post when it's



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