[IPython-dev] GSoC applicants: patch and blog required

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Apr 14 21:01:30 CDT 2010


[ you forgot 'reply to all' for the list, putting it back in ]

On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Gerardo Gutierrez <muzgash@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Fernando.
> When I type make pdf in the trunk working copy (without any changes, and
> obviously the trunk installed) i get this:
> reading sources... [  2%] api/generated/IPython.ColorANSI
> Exception occurred:
>   File
> "/home/muzgash/MyProjects/ipython/docs/sphinxext/inheritance_diagram.py",
> line 107, in _import_class_or_module
>     "Could not import class or module '%s' specified for inheritance
> diagram" % name)
> ValueError: Could not import class or module 'IPython.ColorANSI' specified
> for inheritance diagram

Mmh, this can *not* be coming from trunk: the module IPython.ColorANSI
was from the 0.10 series, while in trunk the generated file should be:


It looks like you have an ipython 0.10 being pulled in somewhere...

> I Have the documentation ready and some code that need to be cleaned to
> commit and also, I think I don't know how to merge because when I try i get
> this:
> muzgash@he1:~/MyProjects$ ls
> ipython  qt-frontend  qt-frontend-bk
> muzgash@he1:~/MyProjects$ cd qt-frontend
> muzgash@he1:~/MyProjects/qt-frontend$ bzr merge ../ipython/
> Doing on-the-fly conversion from RepositoryFormat2a() to
> RepositoryFormatKnitPack1().
> This may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for
> better performance.
> bzr: ERROR:
> KnitPackRepository('file:///home/muzgash/MyProjects/qt-frontend/.bzr/repository/')
> is not compatible with
> CHKInventoryRepository('file:///home/muzgash/MyProjects/ipython/.bzr/repository/')
> different rich-root support
> muzgash@he1:~/MyProjects/qt-frontend$ bzr merge ../ipython/ --force
> --uncommitted
> All changes applied successfully.
> But with the last command  there's no changes at all, the same error I got
> yesterday is there.
> I just need to fix those things, and begin writing the pyzmq module.

Aha, the fun I was dealing with last night.  Sorry to hear that...  I
would suggest you start with a clean repo:

bzr init-repo --2a repo
cd repo
bzr branch lp:ipython
bzr branch lp:~ipython-contrib/ipython/qt-frontend
cd qt-frontend/
bzr merge ../ipython

This should give you a fully merged version of the qt-frontend branch
up to date with trunk, which you can commit and push back.

You can then apply your changes to the qt-frontend branch and push
again your new changes.

Similarly for the zmq stuff, except Omar needs to create the branch,
since that one doesn't exist yet.



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