[IPython-dev] Zmq branch on LP: re-created.

Omar Andrés Zapata Mesa andresete.chaos@gmail....
Sun Apr 25 20:03:20 CDT 2010

Hi  Fernando.
Ok The new code will be mounted in the new branch.

 talking about something else in last meeting with Zuluaga  we have two
problems to solve on ipython-zmq's desing.

1)  is tab completion a process into Queue of zmq kernels or is a simple
2) is good idea make a daemon to crash recovery system?


2010/4/25 Fernando Perez <fperez.net@gmail.com>

> Hi Omar,
> I just realized that because you first pushed the zmq branch on +junk
> (the 'private' workspace for ~ipython-contrib), Launchpad won't let us
> make a normal merge proposal.  It seems LP only makes proper proposal
> for branches that are linked to a project, not on +junk.
> It's not worth spending time on learning this from your side, so I
> just went ahead and fixed it, but *you must re-branch* your work.  The
> official zmq branch is now this one:
> https://code.launchpad.net/~ipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq<https://code.launchpad.net/%7Eipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq>
> If you had no local changes unpushed, simply delete the branch you had and
> do
> bzr branch lp:~ipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq
> to continue.  This branch is now listed for merge:
> https://code.launchpad.net/~ipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq/+merge/24087<https://code.launchpad.net/%7Eipython-contrib/ipython/ipython-zmq/+merge/24087>
> so it can be properly reviewed.
> If you had any changes, just don't delete your copy yet.  Do the
> above, then merge your local changes into the new one, push from the
> new one, and then destroy the other one.
> Cheers,
> f
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