[IPython-dev] Gitwash: a git/github workflow document for review

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Mon Apr 26 06:46:28 CDT 2010

hi fernando, matthew and brian,

thanks for putting this together. i'm really looking forward to (ipython,
nipy) being on github.

# Get your fork:
> git clone git@github.com:ellisonbg/ipython.git
> # Create a feature branch
> git branch foo
> git checkout foo
> # edit files, # for each file do:
> git add [filename]
> git commit
> # rinse and repeate
> # To post branch to github
> git push origin foo

talking of a cheat-sheet, there are a few other commands that i tend to use:

# to pull collaborators updates from github
git pull origin foo (if you are working with somebody on your branch)

# deleting
git branch -d foo (delete your local merged branch)
git branch -D foo (delete your local unmerged branch)
git push origin :foo (delete remote branch - this took me a search to figure
out when i started)

also for my needs this has been very helpful:

users will always do all kinds of wacky things that you cannot foresee, so
you should keep it simple, perhaps just reflect your basic workflow as brian

# Get your copy
git clone git@github.com:ellisonbg/ipython.git

# update your copy (run this to sync up with the source)
git pull

# if you are a user, that's all you need to know. if you
# want to hack/develop, read on.

# ... the rest of brian's notes above, gitwash docs

i'm about to give a talk about minimizing redundancy for data and code and i
believe it applies to documentation as well!


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