[IPython-dev] Zmq branch on LP: re-created.

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Thu Apr 29 02:50:48 CDT 2010

Am Dienstag 27 April 2010 07:32:16 schrieb Fernando Perez:
> > 2) is good idea make a daemon to crash recovery system?
> Brian and I thought a bit about this, and we think that it might be
> possible to run a 'heartbeat' socket directly in zmq.  But I  wouldn't
> worry about this too much yet.

In our own two-process, Qt-based python terminal, we simply connected to the 
signal the TCP socket class emits when the connection closed.  AFAIK that's 
the standard approach for TCP/IP-based IPC with daemons (e.g. I recall 
KDE/DCOP etc. do that), and if 0mq really is the superior solution nowadays,
I hope it offers the same failsafe detection of a lost/closed connection.


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