[IPython-dev] Zmq branch on LP: re-created.

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Fri Apr 30 04:12:27 CDT 2010

Am Donnerstag 29 April 2010 18:28:34 schrieben Sie:
> The bottom line is that you can't detect the types of failures you are
> talking about at the user API level.  At first, this bothered me as I
> am used to handling the disconnect by hand.  But, as time has gone on,
> I see the huge advantages this approach gives.

I agree that all in all, this behaviour is very desirable.

> In this new way of
> thinking a heartbeat is the only way to detect if a peer is truly
> alive.

Hmm.  But "heartbeat" sounds as if the peer needs to respond.  Wouldn't it be 
even better to open a raw (non-0mq-)socket just to be able to watch it and get 
notified by the OS if the peer dies?


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