[IPython-dev] SciPy Sprint summary

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Thu Aug 5 10:23:24 CDT 2010

hi justin,

Having a --shell option doesn't really fix the issue because the user
> will still need to know that they need to change the shell for the
> generated code in the first place (because of the non-standard decrement
> operation above). Ideally the user shouldn't need to think about the
> shell used to execute the generated job script (their own, sure) and
> really shouldn't care as long as the job script runs and launches the
> engines. This combined with the fact that /bin/sh is everywhere and we
> can force it is why I'm somewhat hesitant to add a --shell option for
> the generated code. If the user is passing their own script, they have
> full control of the shell and much more anyway so I'm only discussing
> the --shell option in the context of the generated job scripts.
> Does this make sense?



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