[IPython-dev] Quieting the kernel, logging strategy.

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Mon Dec 6 16:59:12 CST 2010

Hi folks,

I just had a chat with Omar, who has some spare cycles coming up and
is going to complete the work he prototyped during the gsoc effort.
This will mean producing a terminal-based, 2-process version of
IPython, which can be used for talking to existing kernels or with its
own self-started one.

Unfortunately right now the self-starting approach simply won't work,
because we've crammed the kernel full of direct print statements to
log message info.  This makes it impossible to use the terminal where
the kernel is running, as it floods with messages.

I suggested to Omar that he start, as step 1 of his work, with
quieting out the kernel, but I'd like to ping everyone with this so
that Omar can implement something that will last.  I remember in Min's
newparallel branch we already have a proper log listener, and we'd
talked in the past about this a little, but my memory fails me.

So, should all print statements be replaced with calls to a
logging.logger object for now?  Min, how was your code logging its
messages out?

This isn't particularly difficult work, I just want to make sure we
use the same strategy everywhere, and right now I don't have all the
pieces of the puzzle in my mental cache...



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