[IPython-dev] IPython & ZMQ on Python 3

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Dec 20 19:04:16 CST 2010

I'm pleased to announce that, after some changes MinRK made to pyzmq about
an hour ago, we've got the new ZMQ communication and the Qt console frontend
starting to work on Python 3. This is in addition to the basic shell, which
is now fairly stable.

I've attached a "hello world" screenshot showing it in colourful action.

At present, getting set up to work with it is a bit longwinded (compiling
PyQt from source for Python 3). Hopefully this will get easier once
packaging for Python 3 is more advanced. In the meantime, Fernando, could I
have a wiki page to set out the necessary steps for anyone wanting to play
with it?

If anyone else is interested in working on it, the main changes I've needed
to make are in string (unicode) handling. Various PyQt functions that
previously returned QChar or QString objects, in Python 3 return native
Python strings, so we have to change how we deal with them.

Thomas Kluyver
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