[IPython-dev] History working across sessions in Qt console

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Dec 21 01:09:40 CST 2010

Hi all,

[ resending this, since the Scipy mail server died for long enough
that email was actually lost]

sorry for the very rushed email (I'm borrowing a usb 3g modem for a
minute), I just wanted to ping Min and others interested in the Qt
console having funcitonal history, it's now working across sessions.
Satra and I worked on the code  together, so it's seen good review as
we went and I merged it in trunk just now;
review/feedback/improvements are obviously always welcome and we can
refine it further.

But Min can now start using the console :)

A big, big thanks to Satra for pushing hard on this one, so that we
made the right design decisions on all steps instead of taking my
typical lazy shortcuts.  He worked super hard to make this possible,
even fixing a little subtle bug in the Qt console itself.



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