[IPython-dev] Minimalistic India report

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Tue Dec 28 11:38:39 CST 2010

Hi folks,

I'm sorry not to have posted a proper report after the India trip and
sprints.  There was in fact a LOT of ipython-related activity and much
to report, but I got back fairly ill from the trip and have been
pretty much knocked out for the last few days.  Nothing serious, just
miserable and not in much shape to work.

But since I'll be mostly offline again for personal reasons for a few
days, at least I wanted to touch bases and give you the highlights:

- we had a *huge* ipython sprint, with over 60 people participating.
Logistics were a bit insane, to put it mildly.

- since so many people were novices, we organized things into teams
and a large 'super team' of documentation work, which a local faculty
member (Sowajanya Hai, CC'd here) led to coordinate into teams that
each tackled creating a pull request that would add an example to a
magic function.

- Komal S led a team that started to work on porting our Moin content
to a proper website, her work is available here:


I still haven't had any chance to review it, but I hope we'll be able
to work with her to move out of the moin pit into a nicer web presence
in the near future.

- We also have pull requests stemming from individual work by other
developers from the Fossee team tackling specific features, these are
all listed on the pulls page:


I'll be back to normal online presence in 10 days or so, minimally
before that.  But if anyone cares to pitch in to review/comment on
those pull requests, it would be great.  We have now the potential for
new contributors to come in to the project, but they'll need a bit of
feedback from more experienced hands in the beginning.

Best regards to all, and Happy New Year!  Sorry for the rushed email :)


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