[IPython-dev] GUI support: conflicts between IPython 0.11 and Matplotlib/ETS

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Wed Feb 10 17:23:26 CST 2010

Erik Tollerud wrote:
> As for which layer that belongs on... personally, I think that
> anything that requires "two-way" communication between IPython and the
> third-party app is a bad idea do to the dangers of version desync.

And the fact that there are an infinite number of potential apps to 
communicate with. MPL and ETS-based apps is great, but it would be so 
much greater if IPython could be used with ANY app.

 > or use some
> method of passing the information through the GUI toolkit instead of
> directly from IPython to the third-party if possible.

If monkey patching isn't possible, then this probably is, and there are 
only a handful of GUI toolkits. If IPython were to work well with PyGTK, 
PyQT, wxPython and TKinter (and maybe PyObjC), that would go a long way.

 >  I'm really only familiar with wx,

me too, but I'd be happy to try to help with it.


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