[IPython-dev] Some questions concerning current development versions and docs

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Mon Nov 1 05:14:01 CDT 2010

Op den Maandag 01 November 2010 Klock 11:05:19 hett Hans Meine schreven:
> Is the inputhook-stuff documented somewhere?  I recall several postings on
> this list mentioning the new way to detect whether a mainloop is already
> running, but I did not find it in
> http://ipython.scipy.org/doc/nightly/html/ (yet).

OK, searching the full PDF manual for "mainloop" revealed two relevant hits:

4.2.7 GUI event loop support support
(BTW: double "support"?)

8.77 lib.guisupport

I am sorry for the noise.  I guess people should be able to find this; I was 
just looking in the wrong spots.

Have a nice day,

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