[IPython-dev] Ctrl-C quitting ipython

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Mon Nov 1 09:36:10 CDT 2010


I colleague of mine (CC'ed) complained about Ctrl-C not only not clearing the 
input line (we know about this, in conjunction with Qt/WX), but actually 
quitting ipython without further feedback.  This was happening not only with 
the distribution-provided ipython 0.10 and --wthread, but also with the 
current git version and --gui qt. 

From time to time (not everytime), Ctrl-C would kick him back into the shell, 
closing his ipython without further notice.  It is not reproducable, so I was 
guessing that it's a threading issue.  However, it still happens with the 
current development version, so I though I should mention it here.

He's using Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) with
* readline 5.2-7build1 and
* python 2.6.5-0ubuntu1
* PyQt4 4.7.2 (using Qt 4.6.2)

Have a nice day,

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