[IPython-dev] Revival of %store (pspersistence)?

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Mon Nov 1 11:20:41 CDT 2010

Hi again,

yet another question concerning newer IPythons: I have just missed %store, 
which I happened to use a lot (and happily) in the past, but has gone into 
quarantine/ in 0.10.  I have had a quick look at the code (encouraged by all 
the recent talk about the nicer codebase) and wonder what the main reasons are 
that this has gone?  (Let's put it like this: limited manpower aside, are 
there any non-obvious roadblocks?)

Also, the pickleshare DB seems to still exist (used for shadowhist), so this 
does not seem to be a roadblock.

Oh, and I was missing %clear recently, too.

Unfortunately, nobody is in #ipython right now (not your timezone probably), 
otherwise I would start hacking with some help ASAP.

[Update] I have just forked ipython on github and added a 
"revive_pspersistence" branch.  The basic functionality I tested seems to work 
already.  However, I guess there are a number of "no-gos", right?

Concerning magics and argument handling: I still see a lot of getopt-like arg. 
handling - wasn't there some newer, argparse-based approach?  Apart from 
better argument checking (I am sure a lot of unwanted cases will go unnoticed, 
like "%store -d a b c" or maybe "%store -r -d a" or whatever), it would also 
make sense to have better argument completion.  (Maybe even with help texts, 
zsh-like.)  I saw that %hist used quick_completer(), but that does not seem 
like a desirable approach (listing all valid options again).

Have a nice day,

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