[IPython-dev] git workflow and gitwash and what's next

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon Nov 1 12:17:36 CDT 2010

Hi guys,

Any interest in trying to harmonize / summarize recent git workflow
discussions in gitwash?  Or is it time to diverge in our gitwash

To summarize, I think everyone agrees with:


More controversial is Fernando's 'always rebase' proposal:


Then, Pauli extended and adapted the numpy gitwash workflow docs,
partly as a result of the conversation on the numpy mailing list:


I wonder whether it's worth a little pause for discussing where we all
agree and differ in order for us all to benefit from the recent
improvements by Fernando (mail) Pauli (edits)?  It may also make it
clearer whether there is still room to share a common set of gitwash
docs, or whether it's time to diverge.

Is there enough fundamental agreement on workflow?  My feeling is that there is.

See y'all,


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