[IPython-dev] connecting ipythonqt to an existing kernel should not require specifying 4 ports

MinRK benjaminrk@gmail....
Thu Sep 9 17:58:25 CDT 2010


In order to connect a second ipythonqt frontend to an existing kernel, I
must specify by hand all 4 ports at the command-line.  This really shouldn't
be the case, especially since the default behavior is to have the ports
ordered sequentially.

I think it should at least be able to try using consecutive ports when a
single port is given, or use a two-stage connection model that doesn't
require clients to ever know more than one port, as is done in the parallel

Having to type 'ipythonqt -e --xreq 65273 --sub 65274 --rep 65275 --hb
65276', as I just had to, just doesn't make sense.

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