[IPython-dev] [psychopy-dev] [jtaylor.debian@googlemail... Bug#636724: python-scrapy: provide ipython 0.11 compatibility]

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Fri Aug 12 15:17:32 CDT 2011

Hi Jonathan,

I'm cc-ing IPython-dev so this is publicly recorded, in case we find
other interested parties on that list who may want to help.  For
context, Jonathan is the lead of the PsychoPy project
(http://www.psychopy.org) which used our old WX console that has not
been ported to the 0.11 apis.

On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 12:16 PM, Jonathan Peirce <jon.peirce@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks fernando,
> I don't have time to handle this for now. PsychoPy does currently come as
> either a standalone app, including its own python and batteries (on win32
> and osx) and for these we can just leave it for now and the users will have
> to put up with 0.10.x ipython (which is provided). On linux we obviously
> don't package up ipython underneath psychopy, so there I suggest we just
> disable the ipython option in the shell and users can live with wx shell for
> now.
> As it happens the windows package already includes pyqt and maybe I'll add
> it to the OSX distribution. That presumably would allow us to follow your
> suggestion of using the qt console within wx. The downside is that QT is
> massive (and PsychoPy is already using wx throughout). Apart from anything
> else it would be another thing that has to be initialised at the startup,
> which is already becoming long.
> Well, maybe one day I'll dig around the previous wx ipython shell and see
> what can be done, but don't have time for that anytime soon.

I completely understand if you don't have time for this right now.  If
other users with WX expertise are willing/interested in porting the
old ipython-wx code (currently in deathrow) to the new APIs, that
would be great.  It shouldn't be too hard, especially given that the
Qt console can be used as a model for how the interaction needs to



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