[IPython-dev] Announcing shrubbery

Grahame Bowland grahame@angrygoats....
Sun Aug 21 08:37:00 CDT 2011

Whoops, I should have said, the first problem requires you to run
%debug after generating the exception.

On 21 August 2011 21:29, Grahame Bowland <grahame@angrygoats.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas
> Yep, I'm including Matplotlib. I'm using the matplotlib-py3 branch from here:
>  https://github.com/matplotlib/matplotlib-py3
> with some changes of my own which I should send upstream, in my own branch
>  https://github.com/grahame/matplotlib-py3
> My changes fix some undefined symbols in the macosx backend, a few
> string encoding things.
> In shrubbery the qtconsole works out of the box, but it has quite a
> few problems with Python3. Looking at the ipython changelog it sounds
> like this will be in the pyzmq having trouble with string encoding.
> Should be easy enough to fix, I'll have a look. I must say the
> qtconsole is pretty swish.
> Installed it's currently over 400MB, I'll be able to cut this
> significantly but am focussing my time on other things at the moment
> :-)
> Cheers
> Grahame
> To reproduce the problems I'm seeing provoke a traceback:
> def blah(): 1/0
> blah()
> Or try to do an inline plot in the 'ipython3 qtconsole pylab=inline' mode.
> On 21 August 2011 19:58, Thomas Kluyver <takowl@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks, Grahame. I notice you're including Matplotlib. Is that now out with
>> Python 3 support? I know they were working on it, but I haven't heard
>> anything about it recently.
>> Best wishes,
>> Thomas
>> On 21 August 2011 10:18, Grahame Bowland <grahame@angrygoats.net> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone
>>> I've spent the last few days coming up with a Python 3 distribution of
>>> iPython and friends for Mac OS X. It now works (mostly), and I thought
>>> I'd share it.
>>> The home page is here:
>>> https://github.com/grahame/shrubbery
>>> and I've put an experimental installer image here:
>>> https://github.com/downloads/grahame/shrubbery/shrubbery.pkg
>>> For a long time I've maintained my Python setup by hand, installing
>>> packages into /usr/local and eventually having a huge mess. Hence this
>>> project - a distribution of software for Mac OS to make it easier for
>>> people to get started with iPython.
>>> I've targeted Python 3 in the hope it'll encourage the porting of more
>>> software to the new version of the language.
>>> There's not too much Mac OS specific about this, except that on Linux
>>> you'd probably want to get packages from your distribution. If anyone
>>> wants to make it work on other platforms that'd be great.
>>> Cheers
>>> Grahame
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