[IPython-dev] PythonAnywhere update, 18 August 2011

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Mon Aug 22 07:01:12 CDT 2011

On 22 August 2011 12:48, Giles Thomas <giles.thomas@pythonanywhere.com>wrote:

> Here you go: <http://www.pythonanywhere.com/try-ipython/><http://www.pythonanywhere.com/try-ipython/>.
> We use IPython with 2.7 for this one.  If you're logged in to the main
> PythonAnywhere pages, then it will display one of your IPython 2.7 consoles,
> if you're not logged in then it will start a new one (which will then be
> associated with your browser session and persist for at least a day).
> We've not put much text describing IPython yet, so if there's anything you
> think we should say, we'd be glad to hear about it!

Thanks, Giles.

IPython people, take a look at the link above. I'd like to feature this as a
link on the homepage, so new users can see what IPython does before they
install it. Does this sound like a good idea? And what text would work next
to it? I'm thinking along the lines of a brief list of things to try:
- dict.<tab> (or a better example of tab completion)
- Flipping through history
- dict?
- An easy to understand but clearly useful magic command. Maybe %time or

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