[IPython-dev] Where should __future__ statements affect the interactive environment.

Hans Meine hans_meine@gmx....
Wed Apr 25 14:56:05 CDT 2012

Am Dienstag, 24. April 2012, 00:04:31 schrieb Jörgen Stenarson:
> To me it makes most sense to not import any __future__ into the global
> namespace unless explicitly asked for by some option (like %run -i).  In
> short I would prefer to be explicit about what ends up globally.

I felt exactly the same, namely that '%run foo.py' should behave similar to 
'python foo.py' and *not* import the __future__s, while '%run -i foo.py' is 
more like execfile and should import them.

Even if -i is mostly used (AFAICS) for transferring bindings /into/ the script 
context, it is actually documented as "run the file in IPython's namespace 
instead of an empty one", which would IMHO lead to the above semantics.

Best regards,

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