[IPython-dev] Change to testing

Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Fri Aug 3 19:18:10 CDT 2012

A quick heads up:

Running iptest from master no longer runs the whole test suite - it
excludes IPython.parallel, which accounted for a disproportionate
amount of the test time. You can run "iptest --all" to include those
tests as well.

The same applies to the test_pr script - if you have reason to think a
pull request might affect IPython.parallel, you can add the --all flag
to the end of the command:

python tools/test_pr.py -p 3456 --all

I've configured our main ShiningPanda job to keep running all the
tests every night for now, but if we need to free up more build time,
we can change that.


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