[IPython-dev] running Terminal app with --pylab option by default.

Bharath M R catchmrbharath@gmail....
Tue Aug 14 12:20:54 CDT 2012

At sympy, we have ``isympy``, which initiates a ``TerminalIPythonApp``
Recently we added a plotting module with matplotlib backend, and the plots 
rendered are presently blocking. I would like to run ``--pylab`` option by default
whenever isympy is called, so that they are not blocking. This can be done by 
setting the corresponding option in my ipython_profile, but what I need is the pylab
option to be enabled whenever isympy is run, for all the users. How should I set
the --pylab option in TerminalIPythonApp? 

Thanks for the help.
Bharath M R
5th Year undergraduate student,
IIT Madras

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