[IPython-dev] Chrome 22 and loading a notebook with too many images

Anthony Scopatz scopatz@gmail....
Thu Dec 13 10:15:06 CST 2012

Hello All,

I want to report an issue have have be having on Chrome
version 22.0.1229.94 on Ubuntu 11.10 on IPython 0.14-dev.
It involves loading a saved notebook with many matplotlib Figures
in a single output cell. I have done all of the normal debugging steps
a million times (cleared browser cache, re-installed fresh local mathjax,
updated master, did a clean re-install of IPython).

Two sample notebooks are attached.  In pos.ipynb, there are 15 images
in a single output cell at the bottom.  This fails to load in chrome but
works just fine in firefox.  In pos1.ipynb, I have reduced the number of
images down to 8, where the notebook now loads.  Note that 8 seems
to be the maximum because 9+ fails.

Also, when it fails to load, it doesn't do so gracefully.  Instead the page
hangs after creating the menu bars and the CPU usage shoots up to
100% and remains there *ad infinitum*.  Annoying! (Though it is keeping
my lap warm in the cold Chicago winter...)

I do not know what it causing this issue, but I thought that you should

Be Well
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