[IPython-dev] Should I still contribute to IPython ?

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Mon Dec 17 12:22:38 CST 2012

It's a natural question that comes to mind: 

    Some people have more time, paid time, than me to contribute to a
    project. They naturally know the code base better and are more efficient
    when working on the project. Why should I contribute?

The reason that I will keep contributing to projects even if I am not
core dev and the core devs are doing an excellent job is because the sum
of those 'minor' contributions are what makes an open source project
fantastic. The unique thing about open source is that it is powered by
users for their own needs. One works on the minor feature that makes his
life easier. Those pile up, and the project ends up with a different
feeling than a project developed by professionals.

This is why over and over open source software answers problems better
than software built by software giants. By giving up your option to
contribute, you would be giving up what makes open source software rock.

My 2 cents,


PS: this is also why, as a researcher drowning under all kind of work, I
fight to keep some time to do software.

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