[IPython-dev] updated notebook development roadmap?

Chris Kees cekees@gmail....
Fri Jul 6 10:18:36 CDT 2012


I've been going over the IPython 0.14.dev docs and my archive of this
list as part of an effort to change the way I'm doing several things.
I know how hard it is to keep documentation up to date and keep a
wider community informed of a complex vision so I'm not complaining,
but I'm hoping to get some clarification on where things are headed on
the follow capabilities (sorry in advance if I've missed answers to
these in the docs or discussion list):

-editing in the notebook: I'd like to start developing more complex
content in the notebook, and so I need better emacs keybinding support
among other things. I saw the recent threads on ACE vs CodeMirror and
even more recently on another push to improve the CodeMirror config
(vim at least). Has it been decided that CodeMirror is the way
forward, and if so will the editor support be configurable from the
notebook interface or does it have to be done server side? Anybody
have quick instructions on how to add emacs bindings even if it's a

-multiuser support: I'm currently using sage for teaching, workshops,
and various demos.  I really need the multiuser and sharing support
for those activities. I also need multiuser because our package
(proteus), and it's dependencies can be very difficult for new users
to build so one way to get around that is just providing accounts on
our sage server.  On the other hand, after testing out Carl Smith's
notebook cloud, I can see a potential path to more general (and
secure) multiuser support by simply using amazon machine images and
pushing the user management responsibilities off on Amazon or in-house
IT services.  I should note that both approaches solving a problem
that may not have been discussed widely, which is making government
"certified" engineering tools available to the public in a reliable
way. Anyway, has the approach been decided and is there a timeline for
multiuser support? Also, is there any kind of discussion or roadmap
for coordination between sage notebook development and ipython
development? I've see posts mentioning sharing features but nothing
beyond that.

-notebook sharing: If the notebook cloud approach takes off, then it
seems like a sharing mechanism outside of the notebook server will be
required even if multiuser support is added to the server.  These days
it seems like most web apps have a share button that can at a minimum
email a document.  It seems like integration with google drive or even
G+ could be handy.

-version control: Currently I'm just using git commands in a cell, but
it seems like this would be relatively easy to add to the file menu.
Is there a plan to add version control menus to the notebook?

-slide show mode: Another handy capability that was discussed on the
list a while ago.  Any new development?

-interactive widgets:  I'd like to start working on these as soon as
possible, and it looks like Brian's pull request is closed. I'm
guessing the support is in the main branch. Are there some examples of
interactive javascript widgets that work with the main branch (Min's
gist of a flot with bessel functions isn't working for me)?


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