[IPython-dev] updated notebook development roadmap?

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas@pettiaux...
Fri Jul 6 21:28:20 CDT 2012

2012/7/6 Chris Kees <cekees@gmail.com>:
A little note to help possibly with one point that Chris discuss

> -version control: Currently I'm just using git commands in a cell, but
> it seems like this would be relatively easy to add to the file menu.
> Is there a plan to add version control menus to the notebook?

Another, maybe useful approach, could be the one developped by a
colleague of mine, Frederic Pluquet in cc. who has just defend his phd
this week about version control in object oriented languages.

Frederic's thesisgoes over versioning of objects, if possible
transparently for the users (= nearly without code modifications).
Frederic thesis should be online soon now that it has been defended.
Frederic has a working code for smalltalk where he has developped the
needed tools to work on bytecode, for the versioning to be transparent
to the users. I know that Frederic had a prototype for python, at
least of an earlier version of his code. he is considering to port it
to python if there is enough interest.
The code for smalltak is at

Frederic lives in Brussels, so it could be possible for the ones who
come to EuroScipy to meet him at the end of August.

Best regards


PS once implemented for python, these tools could be used *anywhere*
to get transparent objects versioning ... so I think this is
potentially of great interest and use.

Nicolas Pettiaux

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