[IPython-dev] updated notebook development roadmap?

Chris Kees cekees@gmail....
Sun Jul 8 12:13:24 CDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 9:28 PM, Nicolas Pettiaux <nicolas@pettiaux.be> wrote:
> 2012/7/6 Chris Kees <cekees@gmail.com>:
> A little note to help possibly with one point that Chris discuss
>> -version control: Currently I'm just using git commands in a cell, but
>> it seems like this would be relatively easy to add to the file menu.
>> Is there a plan to add version control menus to the notebook?
> Another, maybe useful approach, could be the one developped by a
> colleague of mine, Frederic Pluquet in cc. who has just defend his phd
> this week about version control in object oriented languages.
> Frederic's thesisgoes over versioning of objects, if possible
> transparently for the users (= nearly without code modifications).
> Frederic thesis should be online soon now that it has been defended.
> Frederic has a working code for smalltalk where he has developped the
> needed tools to work on bytecode, for the versioning to be transparent
> to the users. I know that Frederic had a prototype for python, at
> least of an earlier version of his code. he is considering to port it
> to python if there is enough interest.
> The code for smalltak is at
> http://www.fpluquet.be/Frederic_Pluquets_Website/Development.html

That sounds very interesting. I will take a look.

> Frederic lives in Brussels, so it could be possible for the ones who
> come to EuroScipy to meet him at the end of August.
> Best regards
> Nicolas
> PS once implemented for python, these tools could be used *anywhere*
> to get transparent objects versioning ... so I think this is
> potentially of great interest and use.
> --
> Nicolas Pettiaux
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