[IPython-dev] updated notebook development roadmap?

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Tue Jul 10 03:57:32 CDT 2012

Le 6 juil. 2012 à 17:18, Chris Kees a écrit :

> -editing in the notebook: I'd like to start developing more complex
> content in the notebook, and so I need better emacs keybinding support
> among other things. I saw the recent threads on ACE vs CodeMirror and
> even more recently on another push to improve the CodeMirror config
> (vim at least). Has it been decided that CodeMirror is the way
> forward, and if so will the editor support be configurable from the
> notebook interface or does it have to be done server side? Anybody
> have quick instructions on how to add emacs bindings even if it's a
> hack?

This we should ask Brian, but the Ace branch is gone and code mirror 
have enough flexibility to do what we want, and maintaining 2 editors is too much work.


you would have to add 
keyMap: "emacs"
In many places in IPython/frontend/html/notebook/static/js/* 
I would make a IPython.notebook.keybindings variable with a default value.
IF you want to make a PR...

> -notebook sharing: If the notebook cloud approach takes off, then it
> seems like a sharing mechanism outside of the notebook server will be
> required even if multiuser support is added to the server.  These days
> it seems like most web apps have a share button that can at a minimum
> email a document.  It seems like integration with google drive or even
> G+ could be handy.

> -version control: Currently I'm just using git commands in a cell, but
> it seems like this would be relatively easy to add to the file menu.
> Is there a plan to add version control menus to the notebook?

Brian did post a PR with ability to have different backend.
I think you want to dig around those. 
After we have to think of the UI.

My guess on that would be a small drop down menu near the save icon with common option.
And in the long run, I think we want a gist backend for easy sharing.

> -slide show mode: Another handy capability that was discussed on the
> list a while ago.  Any new development?

vIPer can make slides :


I also took a shot at making something in JS that just fade cell In/Out
It worked nice from the JS console

basically this in a MD cell : 
#menubar{ display: none !important }
#pager{ display: none !important }
#pager_splitter{ display: none !important }
cells = $('.cell')
nslide = function(){$(cells[i]).fadeOut(function(){i=i+1;$(cells[i]).fadeIn();});}

then call `nslide()` to go to next slide.
Need to make UI now 

> -interactive widgets:  I'd like to start working on these as soon as
> possible, and it looks like Brian's pull request is closed. I'm
> guessing the support is in the main branch. Are there some examples of
> interactive javascript widgets that work with the main branch (Min's
> gist of a flot with bessel functions isn't working for me)?

In 2 words, you call 
IPython.kernel.execute("your code", {a dict of callbacks for replies})  
see IPython/frontend/html/notebook/static/js/codecell.js  ~ L161

and docs/examples/widgets/directview/*

also one of the notebook example have a progress bar. 

> Thanks,
> Chris
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