[IPython-dev] Offline...

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Jul 15 16:50:41 CDT 2012

Hi folks,

I just wanted to apologize for being offline for a few days and
ignoring all discussions.  Some complications from a surgery (now
fortunately resolved) forced me to go offline.  I probably won't catch
up quite yet because SciPy'12 is upon us and I have to go to Austin
for our tutorial and talk.

I know there have been some very important threads on the list lately,
I hope to catch up after scipy on that.  I will be happy to discuss
there face to face with any of you who can make it; I've recovered
enough that unless something unexpected happens, I will be at SciPy
with only one lost day (Monday).  The organizers kindly adjusted the
tutorial schedule to take this into account, so our tutorial has been
set for Tuesday.



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