[IPython-dev] disabling history

Jason Grout jason-sage@creativetrax....
Sat Jul 21 09:47:33 CDT 2012

On 7/20/12 11:56 PM, MinRK wrote:
> I think this also might make sense, though there aren't significant
> advantages to using DummyDB over regular history with :memory:.

I was poking through the code a bit more, and found that the 
parallel/controller directory implements a number of very nice database 
backends for storing a history.  I know the controller architecture is 
at a higher level than the interactiveshell history, but I'm curious how 
you see the future of the history logging in the shell and the history 
logging in the cluster controller.  Is history stored twice?  Is there a 
chance the nice db backends in the controller class could be somehow 
used by the interactiveshell?



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