[IPython-dev] Breaking change to KernelManager.start_kernel?

Dino Viehland dinov@microsoft....
Tue Jul 24 17:13:18 CDT 2012

Min wrote:
> > Looking at the code it seems like if I don’t pass this on .11 (and .12
> > too
> > maybe?) then I’ll get the pykernel launcher and on .13 I can just pass
> > nothing and get the ipkernel.  It seems like the best option to
> > support multiple versions is to check IPython.__version__ and just
> > make the appropriate option.  Anyone else have any other ideas or
> suggestions?
> The version check is probably the best option.  The pykernel entry point has
> been removed, as it was ~entirely duplicate, unused, untested, and largely
> broken, and not worth supporting.
> We can restore the ipython kwarg as ignored/deprecated in 0.13.1, but that
> doesn't help with 0.13.

Yeah, that's not necessary just for us as we'll want to make sure it works w/
all the versions,  but it could help others.  Thanks, I'll go w/ the version 

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