[IPython-dev] worksheet tabs almost ready

Dennis Sun dlsun@stanford....
Thu Jul 26 00:37:57 CDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I managed to debug my implementation of tabs for the notebook. It turns out
that refreshing the code mirror upon switching tabs fixed most of the
issues I was having. You can check it out at
http://github.com/dlsun/ipythonunder the branch "tabs". It hasn't been
extensively tested, but it's
working as far as I can tell (except for one bug, below).

I plan to file a pull request soon, but there is still one major bug that
I'm aware of: weird things happen when you try to do anything with the tabs
in a brand new notebook. (It's hard to describe; you'd have to see it to
understand.) These problems disappear if you just refresh the page just
once (even without saving), so it seems that iPython is doing something
differently for new notebooks than for existing ones. I was hoping that
someone here might have a clue as to what this might be which is
interfering with the tabs.

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