[IPython-dev] Notebook doesn't load profile when started on boot.

Carl Smith carl.input@gmail....
Sat Jun 2 14:26:00 CDT 2012

I've got a basic nb config that works fine if I do

ipython notebook --profile=nbserver

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 on EC2. If a add the above cmd to an upstart config
it starts the nb server, but on localhost. I assume it's not loading the
profile and falling back to the generic temp one.

I've tried using init.d and even tried running a script that passes the cmd
via os.system, but I get the exact same problem.

I tested for network and filesystem access and I can open remote urls and
read and write to the fs prior to calling os.system, but it still seems to
ignore the profile.

I'm really stuck.
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