[IPython-dev] notebook plots via javascript

Ludwig Schwardt ludwig.schwardt@gmail....
Mon Jun 4 08:24:57 CDT 2012

Hi Zoltán,  

Thanks for the comments - they are very insightful!

I agree that the static case is very useful, especially if it makes the notebook completely reproducible. In this case it improves on a static PNG or SVG by adding proper zooming via matplotlib (although I do agree with your concern regarding zooming). Here I also agree that mplh5canvas is overkill and probably not the way to go.

Just to highlight our use case: we use the mplh5canvas backend as part of a telescope control system based on IPython, where it displays interactive animated plots while commands are issued on the command line. We are interested in combining this functionality in the browser and thought of doing this within the notebook framework. Keeping up with the notebook is quite a challenge, however, so we probably need to do some rethinking based on the eventual 0.13 :-)  


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