[IPython-dev] Best approach for uploading files through the Notebook?

Carl Smith carl.input@gmail....
Wed Jun 27 15:14:03 CDT 2012

I want to have a go at doing what Matthius proposed, but need a few
pointers. I know I can use IPython.notebook.kernel.execute in the
JavaScript to control the kernel. Is this the only method for the
JavaScript to chat to the kernel?

I also don't know how to get the kernel to channel data back to the
JavaScript. I know Brian demonstrated that this can be done, but I
can't find any example code that covers it. I read somewhere that it
required some changes to the Notebook, and there was a PR for this, is
this still true, or does the current dev version support this stuff
out the box?

Thanks Matthius for your help on this issue, and to everyone on the
list for your patience, I do appreciate it very much.


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