[IPython-dev] experiment - remote execution of jquery and d3 code into the browser via ipython

hugo hugo@continuum...
Mon Mar 19 07:13:23 CDT 2012

Thought you might be interested in something I've experimented with over 
the past few days.


I wanted to see how well this concept would work, I set up remote 
execution of code in the browser by creating an RPC interface around 
zeromq messages which get forwarded into websockets, and then I 
forwarded d3 and jquery operations to the browser.  It works fine if 
your arguments are all json serializable, however d3 is heavily reliant 
on passing callbacks, and I don't have a good way to do that.

Anyways, here it is.  This is separate from the ipython notebook, I have 
a separate gevent based zeromq web socket forwarder that I've also been 
playing around with which I am using here.

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