[IPython-dev] saving/loading py files

Satrajit Ghosh satra@mit....
Sat Mar 31 17:21:35 CDT 2012


i'm giving a tutorial on monday and realized that at a certain stage of my
tutorial i will have to jump out of the notebook to create a file and
define a function and then continue in the notebook running the file with
'run'. (the reason is that the inspect module needs to find the function,
so i can't simply define it in a separate cell).

for now i can do something like the following to save the contents of a

with open('test.py', 'wt') as fp:

new cell:
   run test.py

some questions regarding this approach:

- is there already some quicker way to achieve this?
- instead of _iX, could i use some variable to indicate the previous
spatial located cell?
- is there a way i can load a py file into a cell?

this allows me to essentially use the notebook from an remote browser (kind
of like an ide). especially give codemirror's capabilities, i can do a lot!


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