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Thomas Kluyver takowl@gmail....
Thu Sep 6 18:03:19 CDT 2012

Hi Ben,

On 6 September 2012 23:50, Ben Edwards <bedwards@cs.unm.edu> wrote:
> I know there doesn't need to be an extension for everything under the sun,
> but this seems like it might be useful to include. Unless there is some
> reason to not include extensions to non-free software, which is probably
> reasonable. Could this possibly be included in IPython, or should it stay an
> external extension? If it is to stay external I'll perhaps announce it on
> the user list.

I don't have a major objection to interfacing with proprietary
software, but I think it makes sense for most extensions to be
externally maintained. The idea of an extension system is that you can
make things like this without having to get them included in IPython.
I'd encourage you to add it to the extension index on the wiki, as
well as making an announcement:

Also, we can easily include an extension later if we realise it would
be more valuable like that, but dropping a default extension is more

Best wishes,

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