[IPython-dev] %install_ext question

Greg Novak greg.novak@gmail....
Wed Apr 3 07:12:37 CDT 2013

I am experimenting with different ways of installing an extension I wrote
(grasp, mentioned a few days ago on ipython-user).  It contains multiple
files, so
%install_ext blah/blah.py won't work.

The documentation suggests that this will work:
%install_ext blah/blah/grasp.zip
It does indeed put the file into .ipython/extensions, but then to use it I
need to put the zip file in sys.path explicitly.  Just having the zip file
in the extensions directory isn't enough.  So if I also do:

import sys
sys.path += ["/Users/novak/.ipython/extensions/grasp.zip"]

then it works to say
%load_ext grasp

What's the intended behavior here?  Is this supposed to work?  At least for
me, it can be made to work either by having %install_ext extract the zip
file into the extensions directory or else have %install_ext put code into
the ipython startup files that explicitly add the zip file to sys.path.

For the moment, my extension is installable via "pip install grasp" so it's
not a huge deal if it can't be installed via %install_ext.

I found the information about using %install_ext on zip files in the
docstring for install_ext.

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